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Stress & Anxiety

Stress is the body’s natural response to the feeling of being under pressure. This usually occurs because of being overloaded with work or demands due to which the body and mind cannot keep up. Stress is the result of chemicals released from our brain under these situations which are running throughout the body. Studies have shown that excessive or long-term stress can increase the risk of developing depression, anxiety and other mental health problems, therefore, it is crucial to learn how to effectively manage stress levels Anxiety is characterized by an unpleasant state of mind and often accompanied by nervous behavior. Feeling anxious is natural, everyone experiences it and it is not possible to get rid of it completely. Anxiety becomes a cause for concern when its symptoms are severe, persistent and cause distress to the person’s daily life and at that point it can either be a symptom or a disorder. Some symptoms of anxiety include trembling, breathlessness, dizziness, sweating, restlessness, worrying too much and inability to concentrate. Examples of disorders related to anxiety include, but not limited to, mental health problems such as depression, panic attacks, phobias such as agoraphobia or social phobia. The best way to find relief from anxiety is to calm down quickly by talking to another person, looking at anything that relaxes you, listening to soothing music, using aromatherapy or even a light jog or yoga. There are natural herbs as well which are known to help relief feelings restlessness. HerbalGenn has made these beneficial herbs available for you so that you may get back to focusing on what is really important.


The Sunshine Vitamin

100 Tablets


Price: $24.97