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For experts, researchers and professionals looking to learn more about the scientific properties and qualities of our products, select any product below to access the relevant Research Information & Abstracts.

All of Biogenique's methodologies, research and scientific abstracts are kept on public record in an attempt to bridge the gap between the scientific community and your nutritional health.

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Active BrainTM B50 PremiumTM BioCleanseTM
BioPalmTM BiotinTM Cell SupportTM
Common ColdTM CoQ10 AdvancedTM Creatine PowderTM
DoloflexTM Flu FighterTM Mag Calcium PlusTM
Naturally CalmTM Stress ReliefTM Vitacomplete A-ZTM
Vitacomplete ChewTM VitacompleteTM for Women
Vitamin C 1000TM