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Consumer Saftey

Your safety is our priority. We provide our customers with not only the most effective natural products but also the safest ones. To guarantee the safety of our products at Biogenique, we follow a restrictive manufacturing process that makes sure that nutrient side effects are always kept to a strict. This process begins right at the beginning from the initial selection of raw ingredients all the way until the final stages of product distribution and marketing.

A) Ingredient selection

All of our ingredients are either natural extracts or dried plants, with little to no adulterants, which are cheap additives that lower the quality of the final product. Many pharmaceutical companies currently obscure how many adulterants exist in their ingredients by attaching the raw material certificates of the supplier, which is often inaccurate. At Biogenique, we don't only select the best suppliers for our ingredients but we also test the ingredients again and again at the quality control department to make sure adulterants keep to a bare minimum. Resultantly, we are able to provide you with potent, all natural products.

B) Stability Testing Process

After the ingredients are processed and the final product has been manufactured, a stability shelf life test is performed - under normal and drastic conditions - to ensure that the products will not alter before the end of the expiration period. We also carry out ongoing and continuous stability tests, where we select random products from store shelves to retest them.

C) Maintenance of Product Storage Conditions

Temperature and humidity are also carefully monitored at the storage warehouses and on the distribution/transportation paths in order to avoid deterioration of active ingredients.