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We Affirm A Maximum Extent of Absorption

Nutrient Absorption

The Three Ways We Maximize Bodily Absorption


We avoid the problem of absorption failure initially by selecting our ingredients on the basis of their structural activity relationship, which is, essentially, a product's potency. Everyday, our researchers are attempting to discover new forms for each drug with the purpose of maximizing its potency.


Bioavailability is the ratio in a product between active and inactive ingredients. In nutritional supplements, bioavailability is extremely important with regards to how the potent drug is metabolized and distributed in the body.

By studying our molecules, and final products, extensively, we continuously further our understand of what the optimal ratio should be, because it is not a case of simply maximizing the active ingredients, but creating productive harmony

At Biogenique, we continually retest our products for effectiveness to ensure that all our product have the highest bioavailability possible which maintaining desired results.

Uniformity of Drug Concentration

Biogenique appreciates the needs of your body by providing you with a constant level of the active ingredients for the entire duration of use. This doesn't mean a sustained release or delayed release formula, but a formula where the particles of all the active and inactive ingredients are of uniform size so they can act in harmony by keeping the therapeutic level of the drug the same the whole day.