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Purifying Your Cells From Harmful Free Radicals

Pure Viva TechnologyTM

When an atom or group of atoms is noted to have at least one unpaired electron in its structure, it becomes highly unstable and highly reactive. These atoms are known as Free Radicals.

When in the body, Free Radicals stabilize by reacting with the nuclei of cells inside the human body, which damages cells and is believed to accelerate the progression of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and age-related diseases.

To fight this, Biogenique employs a process of including antioxidant properties in certain nutritional supplements that will counter potential free radicals before they interact with the body. Identifying natural molecules that may produce free radicals, and then countering their production with the appropriate antioxidants, are what we at Biogenique refer to as Pure Viva.

This innovative and unique process ensures that our products remain superior and do not cause unnecessary harm.